2014 Nicaragua Mission

What: Evangelical & Medical Mission
When: January 2014
Where: Christo Rey & Esteli

Our mission to Nicaragua was a great success. Thanks to you and many others we were able to accomplish great things for the Kingdom. Here is a brief rundown of our different ministries.

Free Medical Clinics: With 9 doctors and 3 dentists, we were able to see hundreds of patients over 4 full days of clinic. We tried to make sure that all also received the good news of the Gospel.

Pastor Seminars: Pastor Manny Rodriguez led 2 different seminars for local pastors in 2 different cities. The pastors were hungry for training and were very grateful for the help. These 180 pastors will be leading hundreds of believers every Sunday.

Vacation Bible School: We held VBS for 300 children during the week. Every child heard Bible stories and learned about putting on “The Armor of God”. They all received a t-shirt, a big meal, and a new pair of school shoes. Our team washed their feet and put shoes on them after Pastor Manny told them about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. It was an experience that they will never forget.

Home Outreach: In the afternoons, our VBS team visited 48 different homes of the poorest people we could find. Every home received some food, clothes, a Bible, a hug and a prayer. We led a few people to Christ right there in their homes. This activity always leaves a vivid impression on our Americans. It is very humbling to see how really poor people live and get by on almost nothing. Some homes have only 1 wage-earner that works in a field all day for $3/day.

Prayer for Healing: Our prayer tent was very popular. We prayed all day, 1 person at a time, for healing both physically and spiritually. Many women in Nicaragua have a history that haunts them and Jesus offers them peace and redemption. Our team counseled them and we led some to Christ.

Thank you dear friend for your help and prayers for this mission. We could not do it without you. I pray that this year will be filled with blessings for both you and your family. “Let your light shine…”


Clark Farley, Mission Leader


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