2013 Nicaragua Mission

What: Evangelical & Medical Mission

When: January 20-26, 2013

Where: Masachapa & Tipitapa


Nicaragua, is the second poorest country in our hemisphere after Haiti. Unemployment is nearly 50%. Many people struggle every day to survive. We have been taking teams to Nicaragua since 1999. Work and planning goes on all year to prepare to take our group to Nicaragua every January. Cherrie and I visit Nicaragua 2 times in advance of January to get all of the locations, hotels, pastors, translators, venues, transportation,and logistics lined up. My job is to arrange a meaningful and effective evangelistic mission experience and to get our team to Nicaragua and back safely.


Advance Team:

Manny Rodriguez, Richard Hucks and Clark Farley arrived on Thursday. They held 2 pastor seminars for over 120 pastors. Manny led our daily devotionals throughout the mission trip.


Medical clinics – Leader Dr. Ben Jones

We held 4 days of free medical and dental clinics at 3 different locations in Nicaragua.


Prayer Team: Oraciones por Sanidad – Leader Cherrie Farley  &  Vacation Bible School – Leader Carol Dozier


We held VBS for over 400 Nicaraguan children in each of the communities we visited. Each child received a t-shirt and a big meal.


Pharmacy – Leader Richard Hucks

Our pharmacy gave out thousands of dollars worth of medicines to our medical clinic patients.

Translators – Leader Stephen Hucks

Finding and keeping talented translators is always a struggle. Stephen was responsible for managing our team of over 50 translators.

Eyeglass Clinic – Loretta Lilly

Our vision clinics handed out hundereds of eyeglasses. Most of them were donated to us by the Lions Club.

Dental clinic – Leader Doug McPherson

We treated hundreds of dental patients over the course of 4 days.


Home Outreach and Shoes for Souls – Leader Laura Meggs

We visited dozens of individual homes and gave each family food and a Bible. We also gave away 400 new pairs of shoes.


Carpentry Team – Leaders John Davis & Brian Gafgen

Our carpentry team worked on a new house for a poor pastor, and held shop class to teach the Nicaraguan men some marketable construction skills.


Security and Water:

We always have to keep a watchful eye. Ron Paul was our chief of Security and Water.


First Timers:

Phil Newsome, Jim and Annette Walthes, Rima Zahr, Sharon McKenzie, William Singleton, Cari Pulliam, David Hucks and Tyler Culbertson


Our 2014 Nicaragua Mission will be going again in January. The official dates have not been set. The cost will probably be $1,200 per person plus your airfare. Go to our web site and register using the application form: http://www.missionnica.org. This will put you on our email list to receive information. Or call Manny Rodriguez at the church 788-5298, or Clark Farley 463-7870. You can send out letters to ask for donations to help you pay for your trip. Make checks to NEPC.


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