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Helping Hands with Hearts for Christ

Proyecto de Iglesia Comunitaria Punto Norte

History, Mission Statement, Service Area and Description of Basic Services

Our names are Mike and Joan Vilasi. We are faith missionaries to Nicaragua. The Lord led Mike to Nicaragua in 1999 as a member of a short-term mission trip. Mike fell in love with the people and quickly felt close to the children of the country. Joan’s first trip to Nicaragua was in 2000 and it was love at first site, she wanted to stay immediately. Both of us returned to the country numerous times each year until in June 2003, when we sold all of our worldly possessions and made Nicaragua our home.

Upon arrival we established our first project “Helping Hands with Hearts for Christ” (H3C). The name says it all. We began doing whatever God put in front of us. We use our hearts, souls and hands to build His Kingdom in whatever way He chooses. In the beginning we volunteered at an orphanage for a little over a year. While we adjusted to the culture, we built relationships and let the Lord lead our path. Since then we have been blessed by operating a home for abused girls, working in the community and with various orphanages, a Christian camp, preschools, children, churches, feeding programs, doctors and individual families.

We have opened the H3C Christian Learning Center on the Island of Ometepe. This center houses a school for hearing impaired students and members of their family. We also have a sewing school to empower women who have no other source of income, and a small garden program. The goal is to empower those that God brings into our path, share His word and love with them, and plant as many seeds of salvation as possible.

Helping Hands with Hearts for Christ is also working on the mainland in the Department of Rivas and wherever God calls. The ministry goes out into the streets and assists the poor. We might pay for a taxi to take them to a hospital, or assist them by purchasing medicine. We may be able to help them obtain an examination or CAT scan, for example that they would not otherwise receive upon the recommendation of a trusted and known doctor. The ministry also assists people sent to the hospital that did not bring with them sheets, towels, fans, soap, tooth brushes or other everyday necessities. We are also assisting young people and adults to finish high school or attend a university to attain a degree by providing the financial support needed for the tuition, while the student works to pay for transportation and other essentials.


We have also worked as intermediaries by overseeing construction projects and the funds to build, or rebuild, schools and churches.

Through our Nicaraguan Church Lluvias de Gracia, we reach out to the elderly, disabled adults and children, the Department of Rivas Police Department, and the less fortunate in the community. We have a “pick you up for church” outreach, and have started working with Lluvias de Gracia on a housing project for those that do not have homes.

Mike & I feel called by God to live a simple life while reaching out to the less fortunate and being a hand up, while sharing with them God’s word. We believe that God will provide for our every need and guides our steps day by day. We further believe we are His, and He is carrying out His enterprises through us.


“Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead.” James 2:17

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” James 2:26


List of Officers and Board of Directors

Helping Hands with Hearts for Christ is a project of North Point Community Church (Iglesia Comunitaria Punto Norte) an international non-government organization registered in Nicaragua Numero Perpetuo 4132. North Point Community Church Nicaragua was approved on June 3, 2008 and was officially published in La Gaceta Diario Oficial, page 3952 on June 26, 2008. Nicaragua does not require a board of directors for international nonprofit organizations. The Nicaraguan Administrator and Attorney for the organization is Dr. William Richard Pabst Cathey. Michael Vilasi is the Coordinator of Operations and Joan M. Vilasi is the Administrative Coordinator.

Financial Statements and Budgetary Information

This information will be provided upon request. Please note however, we make a personal donation to the ministry each month to cover our personal expenses: rent, food, insurance etc. By doing so 100% of any donation goes directly to the ministry and to aid the people we are here to serve.


Rev. Bobby Farmer 803-331-2704

Timothy Hanley 803-345-0982

L. Clark Farley 803-463-7870

Rev. John Sharp 803-699-0008

Rev. Wes Clark 803-337-2826

Dr. Benjamin Jones 803-788-4926

For more information you can visit us on Facebook at Michael Joan Vilasi or at Helping Hands with Hearts for Christ. To see our Christian School for the Hearing Impaired in action go to YouTube and search on Ometepe H3C.


Our Request

Our ministry was significantly impacted by the U.S. Economy in 2010 and we are in serious need of increased financial support. The question arises as to how this shortfall was covered. During this past year we have used our retirement funds to cover the shortfall. Needless to say, we cannot continue to do so forever, especially after the damage incurred from the enormous amounts of rain that we have experienced this year.


Therefore, we ask that you pray for the Nicaraguan people who have lost property, crops and have no way to earn sufficient funds to pay for their families to eat. Many of our children come to school hungry as they had no breakfast. We ask you to pray for us as well. Ask God to give us the strength to continue to run the race He has set before us. Praise Him for the wonderful opportunities He has given us to share His love with so many.



After reading this information packet you feel God is leading you to contribute to this ministries, donations should be mailed to:


North Point Community Church

532 North Brickyard Rd.

Columbia, SC 29223

In the Memo Field indicate: for Nicaragua Mission




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