Flight Itinerary from Columbia January 15 & 22, 2012

Delta Airlines Jan. 15, 2012
Flight 2360 depart Cola. 6:30a.m. arrive Atl. 7:40a.m.
Flight 369 depart Atl. 10:05a.m Learn More Here. arrive Managua 1:02p.m.
Delta Airline Jan. 22, 2012
Flight 370 depart Managua 2:00p.m. arrive Atl. 6:44p.m.
Flight 5604 depart Atl. 10:55p.m. arrive Cola. 10.55p.m.
Cost of this ticket is $1,072 per pers. Guaranteed price.
BAGS: can check 2 bags FREE 50lbs. each and take 1 carry-on bag and 1 other item like camera bag.
Once ticketed, tickets are non-refundable
Must have full name: First, Middle, Last and D.O.B. to ticket. Name must be exactly as appears on passport. Must have passport with at least 6 months before exp. Visa is not required for U.S.Citizens. Vaccinations-none are required but check with doctor for reccomendations. Additional requirements if not U.S. Citizen or if you are a minor not traveling with a parent. Carry-on liquids must be 3.4oz or less and ALL must fit in one 1-qt plastic bag. You can submit your Delta Frequent Flyer number at check in. All departure fees for Nicaragua are paid with your ticket. You must pay $10 cash to enter Nicaragua.

Clark Farley

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