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New Electronic Mission Application

Hi Team: We now have a super new electronic mission application on our web-site www.missionnica.org .  This will enable us to keep up with all of the pertinent info in a much more organized manner.  Please go to the web-site and fill out this application completely.  Even if you are not sure you are going with us on the mission. This will be a huge help in keeping in touch with you and your loved ones.  Also tell your friends who are thinking about coming with us to do the same thing.  This is not a commitment to go.  We will be having our first Nicaragua Mission Team meeting some time in September.  We will let you know the date and time just as soon as it is firmed up.

Clark Farley

Flight Itinerary from Columbia January 15 & 22, 2012

Delta Airlines Jan. 15, 2012
Flight 2360 depart Cola. 6:30a.m. arrive Atl. 7:40a.m.
Flight 369 depart Atl. 10:05a.m Learn More Here. arrive Managua 1:02p.m.
Delta Airline Jan. 22, 2012
Flight 370 depart Managua 2:00p.m. arrive Atl. 6:44p.m.
Flight 5604 depart Atl. 10:55p.m. arrive Cola. 10.55p.m.
Cost of this ticket is $1,072 per pers. Guaranteed price.
BAGS: can check 2 bags FREE 50lbs. each and take 1 carry-on bag and 1 other item like camera bag.
Once ticketed, tickets are non-refundable
Must have full name: First, Middle, Last and D.O.B. to ticket. Name must be exactly as appears on passport. Must have passport with at least 6 months before exp. Visa is not required for U.S.Citizens. Vaccinations-none are required but check with doctor for reccomendations. Additional requirements if not U.S. Citizen or if you are a minor not traveling with a parent. Carry-on liquids must be 3.4oz or less and ALL must fit in one 1-qt plastic bag. You can submit your Delta Frequent Flyer number at check in. All departure fees for Nicaragua are paid with your ticket. You must pay $10 cash to enter Nicaragua.

Clark Farley

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